Mercedes-Benz G-Box

Mercedes-Benz G-Box

Starting point

Under the name "G manufaktur", Mercedes-Benz China offers individually configured models of the legendary G-Class. True to the motto "Build your own G", customers can assemble their individual G-Class from more than a million possible combinations of the finest materials, colors, and equipment packages, which are then handmade in the factory in Graz.


mediaman Shanghai was tasked with translating the unique aura of the G-Class into a vehicle configurator that also inspires customers in the ordering process.


In collaboration with Mercedes-Benz China, mediaman Shanghai developed a physical-digital vehicle configurator of the next generation - highly individual, multisensory and interactive. The G-Box combines handcrafted perfection with digital simulation and lives up to the claim of depicting the perfection of the G-Class in a configurator.

The configuration of the G-Class is visualized on a 65-inch touchscreen – in native 4K resolution, 360 degrees and in real time. Customers can choose between three backgrounds (city, industrial, landscape) and a day/night mode for driving simulations with dynamically changing light and sound conditions. 

To allow every detail to be experienced in a quality that matches that of the vehicle, the available model colors are represented by 36 authentically painted, touchable objects. Customers can place these color objects, as well as 3D-printed miniatures of different rims and seats, on an RFID scan field and thus change the visualization of their G-Class in real time according to their selection. Discreet LED signals guide the process and indicate which options are available for the currently selected G-Class model.

By tapping on the touchscreen, the vehicle can be freely explored from inside and outside and experienced through numerous interactive elements.

Once the customer has completed their configuration, they can scan a QR code to download their individual G-Class as an image gallery and highlight video to their smartphone and share it with friends. The images and video are rendered automatically and in real time.


The design for the G-Box housing and the physical configuration elements was created by the design company anySCALE. The implementation of the G-Box was carried out by the company U-Team from Shanghai.


In software development, the challenge was to translate the complex configuration logic into an intuitive, visually compelling user experience.

The real-time visualization is done in Unreal Engine 4.26 software in native 4K and is displayed on a 65-inch touchscreen. The software runs on a powerful workstation with RTX 3080 as GPU.

The haptic objects for configuring colors and seat covers are scanned via RFID technology, which communicates directly with the G-Box software.

To save the individually configured G-Class, a QR code leads to a WeChat mini-program that automatically provides all data and renderings for sharing.

In the backend, the G-Box operating software developed by mediaman ensures efficient management of all functions. It also analyzes user data in real time and allows updates of additional content over-the-air.


With the G-Box, Mercedes-Benz is responding to the three major trends that will dominate the Chinese automotive market for the foreseeable future: Hyperpersonalization, the combination of the physical and digital customer journey to hybrid retail, and an enormous degree of digitalization.

The G-Box thus gives Mercedes-Benz a unique competitive advantage at the point of sale in China. On the one hand, it makes it easier for advisors in the dealership or at the trade fair to upsell optional accessory packages. On the other hand, the multi-sensory, interactive and phygital customer experience strengthens enthusiasm for the G-Class and pays dividends for the image of the traditional brand.

In particular, the configurator effectively appeals to the young, lifestyle-oriented target group with its emotional and haptic user experience.

In addition, the analyses of the G-Box usage data provide valuable key figures for G-Class sales management.


mediaman received the Digital Media Award 2022 in Gold in the category "Best Use of Technology" for the G-Box.

A multisensory configurator for the legendary G-Class

In the case study, we show how Mercedes-Benz makes the configuration of the legendary G-Class an experience for all the senses.


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