Starting Point

In the Corona phase, social contacts were not the only things that came off badly due to social distancing and the home office. It was soon joked in internal chat that the first two months of isolation produced unpleasant physical side effects that had to be combated. Time for more exercise.


But how do you fight the bastard in a team if joint activities are to be avoided?


The RemoteRun Challenge was quickly proclaimed. The participating colleagues were divided into two teams in a ceremonial draw via video conference and now had two weeks time to scrub kilometers.


Tracking was done via the Strava app, which is free in the basic version, or comparable apps on the smartphone. A colleague from IT created a dashboard with which various statistics about the two teams and individual runners could be calculated and visualized.


Within two weeks, 22 colleagues ran a total of 160 runs totalling 1500 kilometres - which roughly corresponds to the distance from Mainz to Madrid, to Bucharest or to Talinn.


And not only as a team, but also individually, the colleagues grew beyond themselves:


"I have to say, I am mega happy! I never thought that I would ever manage a half-marathon!" - Daniel


"I'm so excited about everyone's performance here. No matter what team. We've been out there, we've worked out, and that has connected us as a team on a new level. I'm really, really excited about what we've accomplished here!" - Gerold


"It was amazing - motivated people, a lot of fun, great organisation and a great dashboard. Thank you all!" - John


"It was really a lot of fun. And now I know I can run a half-marathon." - Lena


"It was really great to see how a team spirit was created here and what everyone got out of themselves. Whether professional runner, hobby runner, or occasional runner - everyone here has really made the best out of themselves and together we can be proud to have run 1500 kilometres together. I never expected that." - Marcel


"Great that you're making me run again." - Jan

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