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From Data Analysis to Smart Services   

Make company data usable in the shortest possible time


Many companies have huge amounts of data at their disposal. But in order for these data to develop their full value, they must be analyzed and made usable.



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The Data Sprint from mediaman provides you with an introduction to the in-depth analysis of your data within 2-3 days and enables intelligent data use and the development of Smart Services.

New insights with data-supported methods


Together with you, our team of data specialists develops concrete questions regarding your data and answers them with the help of statistical as well as AI-based analysis methods. We investigate correlations between possible influencing factors and evaluate whether machine learning is a suitable option for you. With the help of data visualization, we generate new insights for your business.

We draw on our data sprint methodology, our practical experience in developing interactive, data-based products, and our expertise in statistical data analysis and machine learning.

The Four Steps of Data Analysis

Data exploration

We review and evaluate all available relevant data, establish possible correlations and prepare a data sheet.

Development of questions

Based on the data, we develop possible application scenarios for your company and derive hypotheses and possible analysis scenarios.

Data Analysis & Visualization

We prepare initial quantitative analyses for a quick overview and additional correlation analyses. With the help of data visualization, we generate new insights for your business.

Pattern recognition & predictive analysis

We evaluate possible applications of AI-based analyses, decide on the application of machine learning or deep learning, and select the appropriate machine learning method (classification, pattern recognition, regression).

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