User always in focus

Success factor user experience

Customers today are accustomed to premium digital touchpoints. An optimal user experience is therefore a critical success factor for customer satisfaction.

mediaman's UX research services provide you with insights into the thoughts, experiences, and wishes of your users.


You will receive concrete recommendations for action to tailor your digital touchpoints to the needs of your customers.

More than just usability tests


Together with you, we develop central questions, select the right UX research methods, and conduct the tests in our internal Use Lab. We use a broad spectrum of qualitative and quantitative methods such as usability tests, card sorting, interviews, surveys or prototyping workshops.

Why UX research is really worthwhile.

  • Good UX increases customer satisfaction.

  • Support requests decrease.

  • Expensive undesirable developments are avoided.

  • Our UX research services can be seamlessly integrated into agile development processes (Lean UX).

Our UX research services

  • Usability testing

  • Interviews & observations

  • Prototyping workshops

  • Expert evaluation

  • UX scorecard

  • Lean UX

  • UX coaching

  • CPUX-F training