UX Scorecard

Making user experience measurable - with the UX Scorecard

Measuring what users think

Today, an optimal user experience is a decisive factor for the success of digital products. But measuring this comprehensively and expressing it in a comparable value is a challenge.

ux score example

With the UX Scorecard, we have developed an instrument to determine the success of digital products from the user's point of view using descriptive key figures. This allows you to quickly and precisely identify the strengths and weaknesses of your digital product.

Numerous methods - one central value


The UX Scorecard is based on recognized quantitative methods for capturing the user experience from the user's and expert's point of view, which we have specially developed for our application.

By collecting different UX factors such as usability, joy of use or product aesthetics, we determine one central UX score. In this way, you gain insight into the behavior and opinion of at least 50 users.

In addition, we collect qualitative data such as the opinions of the users, which enables a better classification of the key figures and shows concrete potential for optimization.

You will receive the result as a comprehensive dashboard graphic and a detailed presentation of the results.

When is the UX Scorecard right for you:

  • You want to compare the user experience of your digital product before and after a relaunch.

  • You want to express the user experience of your digital product in one central metric.

  • You want to compare the user experience of your digital product with that of your competitors.


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